Business Development

FSEP stimulates and supports change in the food system of our region by working with and developing opportunities for the entrepreneurial community. We provide diverse food system entrepreneurs with access to market information and tools, business development support, educational opportunities, and access to our growing network of experts and resource providers.

Jane Bush

Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in agricultural production and value added products, Jane Bush serves as the FSEP Business Development Specialist. In addition to being the first certified organic apple orchard in Michigan, Jane produces pasture-raised pork products and practices season extension for vegetable production using a passive-solar hoop-house. She is also the founder of a farmers egg cooperative, Grazing Fields and a certified SBTDC Counselor.

Jane helped to create the Four Seasons Produce Co-op, a federation of farmers who work to provide fresh, locally grown greens to local customers.  The use of hoophouses have ensured longer growing seasons to provide seasonal produce year round.  Jane is able to draw on her vast knowledge of agriculture and food systems to provide assistance to those interested in beginning or expanding a food based business.  You can reach Jane by calling 517.231.2240 or by emailing her at

If you are an institution who would like to buy from the Four Seasons Co-op or if you are a farmer interested in joining, visit for more information.

What We Do

1.  Assist farmers, entrepreneurs and community groups with development of local food based projects and businesses.
2. Bring together available resources and expertise to reduce the barriers to entry and expansion of locally-based food system business.
3. Attract public and private sector investment in businesses and projects that improve the food system of southeast Michigan.
4. Create networking opportunities for businesses.
5. Provide educational workshops and opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs.